Sew Groups

A number of our Guild members have formed “Sew Groups”. Some groups meet weekly, others bi-weekly or monthly, and the meetings happen at a member’s home, free public space or even a rented space. Of course friendships develop as well as sewing skills as members pass on their skills, share ideas, have their own ”show and tell”, and generally inspire and support each other. Some of the groups have specific areas of interest such as applique, embroidery, fibre arts or charity quilts.

Sew groups are not an official arm of the Guild, and so they are not covered by things like the Guild’s budget or insurance policy.

If you would like to form or join a Sew Group and want some ideas on how to do that please contact

Use of the Guild Zoom account has been extended to sew groups, with the understanding that this will not conflict with official Guild business. An all-day event can be booked on this account, which is the advantage over using a free account.

  • Programs, Workshops or other executive committees may bump a sew group if there is no other workaround.
  • The sew group will designate one person to receive the password and schedule the meetings. The password is not to be shared among the group or elsewhere. Re-register if a change is needed.
  • Request the password from our website liaison, who will keep a list.
  • Zoom assistance should be requested from our webmaster. Before requesting help, please review “How to Zoom for Users” which is located in the “Members Only” tab, under “Website Help”.
  • When scheduling a meeting, the title will include the name of the group and the first name and last initial of the designate. This is for contact purposes.
  • When you are ending your event ensure that you have signed out of Zoom,
  • Where different sew groups would prefer the same day, sew groups should work out an arrangement between themselves.
  • For the purpose of accessing the PQHQG’s Zoom account, “Sew Groups” refers to Sew Groups established by members with the overwhelming majority (three quarters) of participants being members of the guild.
  • Sew Groups are extended this benefit at no charge and will not charge for participation in any Zoom activities.